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Jaisingha's General Theory on AIDS
By  Ashok Jaisingha
alias  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.
Regular ingestion of certain toxic chemical compounds, or even the normal biochemicals in high toxic amounts, can cause AIDS in susceptible humans through the process of faster and greater destruction of the white cells like the CD4 cells.
The faster and greater destruction of the white cells may cause the release of the so-called human immunodeficiency viruses (HIVs) as well as lead to the production of the so-called anti-HIV antibodies. Progression of AIDS in the different affected persons can lead to the production of the so-called HIVs of different types. Infection with the HIV from external sources does not necessarily produce AIDS, unless the infection be so massive and be repeated so frequently that it must produce a toxic effect, but that may still not lead to AIDS by itself.
According to my General Theory on AIDS, the so-called HIVs are lurking in ALL human beings. They need NOT come from outside to infect the susceptible persons to cause AIDS. The HIVs can come from, and can be synthesized from, the genes of human cell chromosomes of the persons prone to AIDS. I am inclined to believe in something which will be considered impossible by the scientists who emphatically state, "Only HIV infection can cause AIDS". I can even believe that if the so-called HIV and anti-HIV antibodies can be made to return to the nuclei of cells from where they came, then that particular type of AIDS will disappear in the affected patients! The white cells will become more stable and more normal as they will break up and die at a slower but normal rate.
There are thousands and thousands of chemical and biochemical compounds whose improper intake can speed up and increase the breakdown of white cells. White cells reproduce, live and die at some rate that is normal in human beings. The faster rate of their destruction can cause AIDS due to the biochemical and genetic damage to the bodies of the affected persons. These harmful chemicals can come from the toxic adulterants, contaminants and pesticide residues in foods and water, pollutants in the air, narcotics, toxic allopathic and non-allopathic drugs, and tobacco in all forms that are consumed by the affected persons.
Even the excessive ingestion of iodine through the daily consumption of iodized salt in food, leading to excessive formation of thyroxin, can cause AIDS especially in many of those who live in the hot tropical regions of the world where diarrhea is common. Along with high iodine intake, the excessive regular ingestion of iron leading to high hemoglobin levels and high red blood cell counts, can cause AIDS in many susceptible persons. Repeated blood transfusions can also raise the level of hemoglobin and RBC counts dangerously.
Many toxic chemicals, and even biochemicals in large toxic quantities, can more effectively hijack and take control of the metabolic processes of iodine (thyroxin) and hemoglobin (RBCs) to force them to produce the symptoms of AIDS in the person consuming those chemicals. The higher the levels of thyroxin and hemoglobin, the greater and faster is the harm done by those toxic chemicals to the affected person's body. They force thyroxin and the RBCs to help directly or indirectly in destroying the white cells like CD4. The more the thyroxin and RBCs the AIDS patient has, the greater and faster is the destruction of the white cells. The different toxic chemicals break down the chromosomes of white cells differently in different patients of AIDS to produce the different genetic configurations to give the variants of HIV. Those variants are the so-called mutants of HIV.
We must also consider the fact that the regular ingestion of some toxic chemicals that cause the destruction of white cells may produce the so-called HIV in AIDS patients, while the regular ingestion of other toxic chemicals may not do so. The different chemical compounds that are toxic have different properties. The regular ingestion of some toxic compounds may produce the so-called HIV, while the regular ingestion of other toxic chemicals may result in different breakdown products with different genetic configurations that are not considered to be HIVs, which may still produce AIDS of another type even though the patients are not found to be HIV positive. Some toxic chemicals causing the destruction of white cells may produce the so-called HIV particles, while other toxic chemicals might not do so in AIDS patients. That is because the properties of different toxic chemicals are different.
Many toxic allopathic and non-allopathic drugs can cause the break up of the white cells. For more than 20 years, I know of some such chemicals whose regular consumption can produce the symptoms of AIDS by influencing the functioning of iodine (thyroxin) and hemoglobin (RBCs) to cause great metabolic and biochemical disequilibrium in the human body.
So, hundreds, or even thousands, of theories are required to explain the causes of different types of AIDS, and the cures and preventive measures for them. Millions of medical scientists, doctors, nutritionists, biochemists and other scientists are required for working together in many thousands of teams in different institutions to find out all the details about different types of AIDS. Actually, even millions of scientists may not be enough to find out all the details. But we must still find out all ways to make the scientists from different disciplines work together to tackle this great monster of AIDS.
Modern Medicine is not just what allopathy believes in. Modern Medicine does not begin and end with allopathy. And Nutrition Therapy is not a subsidiary of allopathy. Unlike allopathy, Nutrition Therapy is the therapy of the first choice. Before Nutrition Therapy, even allopathy is an alternative therapy. We must stress the fact that there is absolutely no alternative to proper food and water, just as there is no alternative to air or oxygen.
Nobody, not even a saint, has absolute immunity against AIDS of all types. All those persons who have done nothing morally wrong, but have tested positive for HIV, should come out in the open and strongly protest against allopathy for wrongly stigmatizing them for their HIV+ status by dubbing them as homosexuals, drug addicts and promiscuous. They should not feel guilty of their behavior. They can fight for safeguarding their honor only by taking a firm stand against allopathy for its wrong theory on the cause of AIDS.
All of them must believe that infection with the so-called HIV is not the sole or main cause of AIDS.

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