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Know facts about Celibacy & AIDS
Lack of Sex can cause AIDS!
Suppression of the Sex Urge is Dangerous
By  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani
    Complete abstinence from sex, with absolute purity in thought and deed, makes men more prone to AIDS.The men who practise physical and mental abstinence from sex, like the Catholic priests who have taken celibacy vows, and the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist priests who believe in brahmacharya, are much more likely to get AIDS than the men who indulge in promiscuous sexual relations.
    The accumulation of semen in the bodies of men practising physical and mental celibacy, is much more responsible for causing AIDS, in many of them, than is the infection with the so-called HIV in the case of other men who indulge in sex with many women. The avoidance of sex for prolonged periods, leading to the retention of large amounts of semen in men, can cause persistent diarrhea, dehydration, loss of weight, low blood pressure, severe insomnia and chronic fatigue in many of them.
   There is a very low incidence of AIDS in Muslim countries, because Islam does not advocate celibacy, which is unlike what is done by Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for their priests and some other classes. In fact, Islam discourages men to remain unmarried and abstain from sex. Islam even allows men to practise polygamy.
    The bodies of men practising strict physical and mental abstinence from sex, cannot tolerate the ingestion of even dietary aphrodisiacs like iodine, from iodized salt, and vitamin D, from fortified milk and milk products. It is most dangerous for celibate men to consume larger amounts of iodine and vitamin D. The ingestion of excessive amounts of chromium and zinc, along with residues of petroleum products, found in many foods and drinks, makes the situation many times worse for those men who are prone to AIDS due to their abstinence from sex.
    Together, the excesses of iodine, Vitamin D, chromium and zinc, along with the petroleum-based contaminants in foods and drinks, produce such devastating effects on the bodies of celibate men that they can cause uncontrollable diarrhea, dehydration, rapid loss of weight, low blood pressure, insomnia, chronic fatigue, premature ageing and finally even AIDS. 
    I know of approximately 50 commonly found factors that are involved in causing AIDS in persons who are prone to it. The details about them will be given in the forthcoming issues of  AIDS-RealCures.com .

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
9 August 2002 
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