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Cola drinks are spreading AIDS in the world!
Phosphoric Acid can cause AIDS!!
By  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani
AIDS is not caused by sexy Laila and Lola,
AIDS is due to the phosphoric acid in cola.
Should we not ask the great Bill Gates,
Why he has agreed to be Mr. Bill AIDS?
What is the U.S. Pharma Companies' role,
In India's getting 100 million dollar dole?
Spreading AIDS with their bloody coke!
What thinks the crazy American bloke?
Does he consider every Indian a big dope?
To believe in USA's folly as his only hope!
Will Americans think my article is a big joke?
They'll be terribly sorry for any fun they poke!  
Unrefined foods are rich in phosphate
    In USA, phosphoric acid is very commonly used in foods and drinks. Among the worst culprits are carbonated beverages like cola drinks, which contain large amounts of phosphoric acid. Unrefined whole-grain cereal foods are rich in phosphate. Therefore, people in India, Africa, Latin America and other poor countries and regions of the world, who consume unrefined cereal foods, do not require the extra phosphate from cola drinks and other carbonated beverages containing phosphoric acid. 
    The phosphoric acid in soft drinks may be tolerated more by people who eat cereal foods made mainly from refined white flour and refined sugar as in western countries. Refined cereal foods are relatively poor in their phosphate content, while refined sugar contains no phosphate. Such foods include white bread, cakes, pastries, macaroni, noodles and white rice. But phosphoric acid is used as an "anti-oxidant" additive in many processed foods too. Therefore, only a limited degree of safety is provided by the consumption of phosphate-poor refined foods to the western people who consume cola drinks containing phosphoric acid. 
    Even among many persons in the western countries, the tolerance for phosphoric acid in cola drinks cannot last for long. It is a terrible mistake to use phosphoric acid as an "anti-oxidant" or preservative in foods and drinks. Biochemically, phosphoric acid does not act just as the other ordinary "anti-oxidant" food additives like citric acid and tartaric acid. Consumed regularly, phosphoric acid causes a drastic disturbance in the calcium and phosphate balance in the human body.
    The regular consumption of phosphoric acid in cola and other carbonated drinks and processed foods can produce the following symptoms and conditions :
1. Uncontrollable diarrhea, dehydration and low blood pressure.
2. Inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract and formation of ulcers.
3. Tartar oozes out of the teeth, weakening them. The bones also become weak due to the drastic disturbance in the calcium and phosphate balance.
4. Asthma, other respiratory problems and lung disease.
5. Sleeplessness. 
6. Chronic fatigue with aches and pains all over the body.
7. AIDS, which can lead to premature death.
    Persons having diarrhea, inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, ulcers, tartar on their teeth, asthma, and other problems associated with such conditions, should never consume foods and drinks containing phosphoric acid. The excess of phosphate, along with the excessive consumption of synergists like zinc, vitamin D, chromium, iodine, other laxative factors and substances like the residues of petroleum products and adulterants in foods, can cause tormenting pain in the gastro-intestinal tract and other parts of the abdomen. The affected person can become so sensitive to zinc that the consumption of only 2 or 3 milligrams of a zinc salt, dissolved in a cupful of water, can give him an unbearable stinging or cutting pain in his stomach, other parts of the gastro-intestinal tract and kidneys.
    Cola drinks and other carbonated beverages, containing phosphoric acid, are regularly used in large quantities by many frequent travellers like truck and bus drivers, tourists, touring salesmen, and also by persons who very often go to parties, theaters, discos and night clubs. Consequently, they are more prone to AIDS. Because of its wide prevalence across the world, the American fast food and cola culture is much more responsible for the rapid spread of AIDS than even the combination of narcotic drugs and promiscuous sex.
Herbs can cure AIDS
    Surprisingly, I have come to the conclusion that the herb therapists are right when they claim that they have cures for AIDS. They may not be able to prove theoretically how they are able to cure some forms of AIDS, but I am convinced that they have practical knowledge which helps them to cure at least some cases of AIDS among their patients. The herbalists may not know the names and exact nature of the biochemicals present in the herbs that cure AIDS. Instead of wasting time poking fun at the herb therapists, medical scientists should isolate and identify the active ingredients of the herbs and other plants that help in controlling the symptoms of AIDS. At present, my research definitely indicates that the symptoms of AIDS can be controlled within a few days!
Bill Gates is Agent of Pharma Cos.
    USA, some European countries and western multinational companies have been peddling AIDS and death through the adulteration and chemical contamination of fast foods, cola drinks and other soft beverages. Now they insist that we must buy their toxic AZT and other anti-retroviral drugs to get more and more diseases to die early deaths, even as their mad medical scientists and big pharmaceutical companies loot us and earn huge profits worth billions of dollars every year! The pharmaceutical companies will sell and popularize their highly toxic drugs like AZT with the help of the $100 million "donation" of Bill Gates to India. The world's richest businessman, Bill Gates, is now acting as the biggest agent of the American pharmaceutical companies in their most ruthless campaign to promote the sale of their highly toxic death-dealing anti-retroviral drugs.
    With the help of Bill Gates as their biggest agent, the western pharmaceutical companies want to carry out the most dangerous medical experiments in India by using cocktails of the most toxic drugs, that have separately failed to cure any disease, including cancer and AIDS, for which they were originally prescribed. Is the "donation" of Bill Gates a bribe that will be used for educating the Indian political leaders and bureaucrats to participate in promoting and popularizing the failed drugs of the western pharmaceutical companies? It seems just like what the now bankrupt Enron Corporation did a few years back to get the contract for setting up the highly over-priced and inefficient Dabhol Power Company in India. After all, Enron really believed it had purchased the license to exploit and cheat India because it had paid $20 million to educate our politicians and bureaucrats in Mumbai and New Delhi!

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
27 November 2002

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