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(January 2003)
    For more than 20 years, the practitioners and research scientists of allopathy have fooled the whole world on the subject of AIDS. In spite of openly boasting that they would find a cure for AIDS in 2 or 3 years, they have failed in a massive way. Not only have they failed to find any cure in more than 20 years, but they have actually contributed in a big way to the massive spread of AIDS all over the world with the use of their highly toxic drugs like AZT (Azidothymidine), Nevirapine, Indinavir, Ritonavir and many others!
    Allopaths are now on the defensive against the attacks from not only the biochemists, toxicologists, nutritionists and alternative therapists, but also from the reformed and enlightened allopaths. They are being attacked mercilessly from within. But the World Health Organization (WHO) is still acting like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, as it refuses to face the truth.
    There is extreme panic among the pseudo-scientists engaged in AIDS research. Such people, including some AIDS dissidents, are against my website. They are trying to get it banned. Some want to buy out my website to prevent my views from becoming known to other scientists and AIDS patients. They are not going to succeed in preventing me and other genuine scientists from making our views known to the millions of AIDS sufferers all over the world.
Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
     In his article, Narcotics, Steroids, AZT & Malnutrition cause AIDS, Dr Al-Bayati has successfully shattered the myth about HIV causing AIDS. From the hundreds of articles and books that I have read on the subject of AIDS in about 20 years, Dr Al-Bayati's article is one of the very few that stand out boldly. Dr Al-Bayati, who himself lives in USA, has very brilliantly debunked the HIV theory in USA itself - the very birthplace of the HIV mythology! The fallacy of the HIV theory of the American scientists has been clearly exposed by the very bold conclusions given by Dr Al-Bayati in his article. He has demolished the validity of the HIV theory beyond any shadow of doubt.
    He has written a book on AIDS, Get All The Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS, which has made him widely known among all the well-informed alternative thinkers on AIDS. According to Dr Al-Bayati, AIDS in the risk groups has resulted from the use of illicit drugs and the treatments with toxic allopathic medicines. Working as a toxicologist and pathologist, he has proved that allopathic drugs like steroids, specifically corticosteroids, and even AZT can actually cause AIDS. Dr Al-Bayati has proved with his painstaking practical work, what alternative thinkers on AIDS have always believed, that the so-called HIV does not cause AIDS.
    Dr Al-Bayati and his research findings should be known to all the doctors and medical scientists of the world who are engaged in the prevention and treatment of AIDS. Dr Al-Bayati deserves to get the highest honors for exposing the fallacies of the allopathic system through his practical work in toxicology and pathology. I am sure the world will honor this brilliant scientist in a big way soon.
    As a toxicologist and pathologist using differential diagnosis, Dr Al-Bayati has also done very valuable research on the causes of SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). At present, Dr Al-Bayati is trying to save a man, Alan Yurko, from life imprisonment as he has been wrongly convicted for causing the death of his own infant son who was affected by suspected SBS. Let us hope he succeeds in doing this noble work.
    Dr Al-Bayati has exposed the utter callousness and negligence of the medical staff working in the American hospitals, which result in the deaths of many infants. He has proved that many infants suspected of suffering from SBS and SIDS actually die due to the wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment, and also due to the excessive administration of toxic drugs. It is unbelievable that such things are happening in the hospitals of USA, the world's richest and most  developed nation! When the American doctors can treat the infants so badly, how  extremely callous and negligent they must be while treating the adult patients who suffer from AIDS!
    Read Dr Al-Bayati's highly informative and lucid article, Narcotics, Steroids, AZT & Malnutrition cause AIDS. For more information about Dr Al-Bayati's work, visit his website: http://www.toxi-health.com
Articles & Letters Welcome
    Articles and letters from other AIDS dissenters are welcome. I shall try to publish those articles on my website which I find really informative and suitable for the AIDS patients.  They will be published in simple English, so that even the common people can understand them. Good suitable articles, that have been published before in the print media and on the internet, can also be considered for publication. Genuine dissenters among AIDS scientists and writers who have suitable articles on their own websites, can also send their weblinks and e-mail addresses for getting them listed on my website.
Racist American Allopaths tried to gag Google!
    By using different key words on 15 and 16 September 2001, I was surprised to find the Google Search Results showing my website with 8 listings at the No. 1 position for the various articles written by me on AIDS. The details are as shown below:
    Key Words Used                             AIDS-RealCures.com in
    in Web Search                               Google Search Results 
                                                              on 15/16 Sept 2001
   AIDS Petrol                Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Iodized Salt                Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Chlorinated Water                Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Excess Chromium               Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Adulterated Food                Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Antimony                Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Allopathy WHO               Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Blood-letting                Listed No. 1 on Page 1
   AIDS Excess Zinc                Listed No. 2 on Page 1
   AIDS Sunshine Vitamin D                Listed No. 3 on Page 1
   AIDS Paraffin                Listed No. 3 on Page 1
   AIDS High Hemoglobin                Listed No. 5 on Page 1

     But my website was delisted by Google and its affiliated Search Engines within a few days. It made me feel that even the top medical scientists of USA were really afraid of my ideas on AIDS. Because of their belief in racial superiority, some Americans are highly prejudiced against all the colored peoples of the world. Is that the reason why the American scientists got my website delisted by Google? But the other top Search Engines did not follow the example of Google and its affiliates in delisting my website.
    I do not know who made Google to list my website again after a period of some weeks. I am sure the racist American allopaths tried to gag Google, though they have failed in their effort.
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
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