Does Adulterated Food Cause AIDS?

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

Is AIDS a new disease or syndrome? Many western scientists want us to believe so. But some scientists now rightly believe that AIDS is NOT a new phenomenon. There have been many reports in newspapers and other periodicals about the wise doctors of ancient India who knew about an AIDS-like condition, and about ancient medical writers who described that syndrome in their works. Did the doctors and medical writers of ancient India also know about the cure for AIDS? We should find out the truth.
It is widely accepted by medical scientists all over the world, because it is absolutely certain, that the regular consumption of narcotic drugs causes AIDS in many addicts. We know that narcotic drugs have been produced by human beings, and have been used by addicts, for thousands of years. Millions of addicts have died prematurely due to the regular consumption of narcotic drugs in the past. So AIDS must have been present, and must have killed millions of drug addicts, for thousands of years. Is there any logical reason to state that the consumption of narcotic drugs causes AIDS in addicts now, but it did not produce AIDS in addicts thousands of years ago? Do the western scientists have to deny credit to Indian scientists just to honor their own western fellows? If AIDS did not exist before, then there should have been no premature deaths in drug addicts due to the consumption of narcotics at that time or even in the present age. But that is just not true. The only main difference may be that there are more causes for the incidence and the spread of AIDS now than in the distant past.
Does the regular consumption of foods and drinks adulterated with harmful substances cause AIDS in susceptible persons? We know that cheap toxic chemical colors, flavors, and processing and conditioning additives, used illegally in foods and drinks, can produce cancers and other dreadful diseases by causing a drastic fall in immune response. The cancers and other diseases caused by these cheap toxic colors, flavors and other additives, become incurable especially when the banned chemicals continue to be consumed regularly by the victims, in most cases, unknowingly. These incurable cancers and incurable diseases can be compared with AIDS, which is also considered incurable.
Foods, spices and condiments, and drinks that are adulterated with toxic chemicals are much more dangerous than narcotic drugs for the health of any nation. Unlike the addicts of narcotic drugs, the victims of adulterated foods and drinks are mostly unaware of the adulteration and the dangers from it.
Should we blame our hard-working athletes and sportspersons when they fail to win gold, silver or even bronze medals in the Olympic Games? Honestly speaking, the answer is a definite and big NO! How can we blame them when they get foods and drinks which may be adulterated with harmful chemicals and contaminated with pesticide residues? Harmful cheap chemical additives and pesticide residues in our foods and drinks can make us inefficient and lethargic by decreasing both our physical and mental stamina.
Should we not, therefore, request the International Olympic Committee to start giving aluminium, iron, wooden, plastic and cardboard "medals" for the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth positions to the athletes and sportspersons of poor countries like India who get adulterated and contaminated foods and drinks which are even otherwise of poor quality?

First time released to the news media and health organizations on
31 March 1995.