This article was sent to W.H.O., Health Ministers of different countries, AIDS Research Institutes,
AIDS Information Centers and important newspapers and periodicals of the world in 1994.
First time released on 30 June 1994.

Up to 4000 Million People Are
Under the Shadow of AIDS

By Ashok Jaisingha
alias Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

The HIV tests are the world's greatest medical hoax in its whole history. Some western pseudo-medical scientists are playing a dirty game of misinformation just to earn billions of dollars by selling almost completely useless HIV-detection kits all over the world. They are cheating the whole world on a massive and unprecedented scale through a well-organized international racket. Other western medical scientists who were making bombastic claims regarding the discovery of an early cure for AIDS have been proved wrong and have miserably failed, just as I had predicted about 5 years* back in my letters to various people, newspapers and periodicals, and national and international organizations.

About 80% to 90% of HIV positive cases are those of patients with malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, various cancers, persistent diarrheas, etc. Why do some people have AIDS or AIDS-related complex (ARC) but are HIV negative? The high percentage of false positive as well as false negative results prove HIV tests to be a great fraud.

For the past 5 years* or so, my letters to W.H.O., Health Ministers of different countries, research institutes and universities, and to various newspapers and other periodicals around the world, have been ignored in spite of my clear warnings that millions of people had AIDS even during that time, which fact has been subsequently proved correct. In the process, millions of people have died prematurely of AIDS. Many millions more are going to die soon of AIDS at a young age if proper steps are not taken as suggested by me. I blame the W.H.O., many of the Governments, newspapers and periodicals, research institutes and universities, and particularly the western pseudo-medical scientists for those deaths.

Others may believe it or not, but I am the only person in the world who has some of the most vital information on some important forms of AIDS, for more than 10 years**. Without that vital information much of the right type of research on AIDS is just not possible. No other person or source can provide that particular information on AIDS even in the next 200 years.

There is a media conspiracy at the international level to promote only western allopathic ideas and theories, and moralistic propaganda, about AIDS, even when they are false and ridiculous. The racially biased white western pseudo-scientists are circulating a canard about AIDS and black Africa. It is a blatant lie of the western countries' racist pseudo-medical scientists that AIDS originated in black races in Africa and spread from there to the whole world. I can easily prove scientifically that AIDS as an epidemic, causing premature deaths, has been present in the western countries themselves for at least 50 years, and even up to 100 years.

Most of the media propaganda about promiscuous sex (having multiple sex partners), homosexuality and contaminated injection needles causing AIDS is a great exaggeration by ignorant fellows who just want to continue fooling the gullible public. To hide their own ignorance about AIDS before their patients, even doctors deliberately talk of AIDS as a mysterious sexually transmitted disease. Thus they cleverly succeed in confusing and frightening the masses which prefer to be very secretive about sexual matters.

Questioning the Morality of Christian Priests: The ignorant hypocrites, the pseudo-medical scientists, have even started to preach morality to Christian priests! many of whom have contracted AIDS without knowing the reason. They are pointing accusing fingers against even those Christian priests who have done nothing wrong, but have got AIDS.

Promiscuous sex and homosexuality by themselves are not even among the ten most important causes of AIDS. Condoms help in preventing AIDS because harmful contraceptive drugs like birth-control pills and injections are thus avoided. With condoms, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are also less likely to be contracted. So, other more toxic drugs are not consumed or used regularly for treating STDs. There is no prolonged or daily use of any toxic drugs to cause AIDS in the susceptible persons.

It is certain that narcotic drugs, hallucinogens and psychotropic substances cause AIDS if used regularly by susceptible persons. Narcotic drugs have been used for thousands of years by drug addicts. So it is absolutely certain that AIDS has existed for thousands of years. Millions of people have died prematurely even in the distant past due to addiction to drugs. All those medical scientists who insist that AIDS is a new disease or syndrome are either big liars or great idiots!

Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are widely used in allopathic medicines as pain-killers in treating many common diseases, cancers, during and after surgical operations, and as sedatives and hypnotics in treating mental and sleep disorders. There can be no allopathy without the regular and prolonged drugging of patients.

Therapy with Other Toxic Drugs: Allopathic doctors are psychologically "addicted" to drug therapy right from the beginning of their training in medical colleges. Therefore "drug addiction" is inherent in allopathy. Can allopaths advise the westernized man to give up his daily multiple pill-gulping culture?

It is sheer hypocrisy on the part of allopaths to believe that the prescribed narcotics and other toxic drugs are not dangerous, and would not cause AIDS in the long run in susceptible persons, merely because the drugs are taken on doctor's advice. What is so sacrosanct about prescription of allopathic drugs for long periods by doctors? Nothing at all. No doctor is God! Whether by prescription or by self-medication, long-term use of any drugs like contraceptives, aphrodisiacs, narcotics, tranquillizers, sleeping pills, analgesics, immuno-suppressive drugs, antibiotics or other toxic drugs, can be harmful and may even cause AIDS in many AIDS-prone persons. What should be as clear as daylight is being hidden from the patients by doctors.

Note: Anything or all things, singly or in combination, that can cause drastic changes or disturbances in the biochemical functioning of the body, may cause AIDS in susceptible persons.

Danger of False HIV Test Result: Even a non-substance like prolonged and extreme fear of getting AIDS, or of early death, can cause such drastic biochemical changes in some susceptible persons that they may actually get AIDS and even die. That is a very real danger which may originate from a false HIV positive result. Extreme depression and extreme dejection caused by the stigma associated with HIV positive result, even though false, may reduce immunity drastically and cause AIDS and early death in the affected persons. The fear of discrimination and of social boycott can also be terrible for such people. Prolonged and excessive physical and emotional stress can make many susceptible persons get AIDS.

The long-term use of high doses of even essential drugs can be dangerous and lead to various harmful side-effects, chronic fatigue syndrome, ARC, which may later lead to AIDS, in susceptible persons. The regular intake of megadoses of vitamins and essential minerals can also drastically alter or disturb the biochemistry of the body and may cause AIDS in susceptible persons. There is nothing sacrosanct about megadoses of vitamins and essential minerals taken daily or regularly as they are toxic and dangerous.

Should those doctors, who have only a limited knowledge about nutrition,freely prescribe megadoses of vitamins and minerals to patients for long periods? Is it right?

Note: The saints and the holiest of men can also get AIDS even though they live pure and holy lives, doing nothing morally wrong, and without getting HIV-contaminated blood in any transfusion. Almost anybody can get AIDS in the modern world and die prematurely. That includes you and me. No one of us is absolutely immune to all types of AIDS due to the massive and most dangerous proliferation of drugs and other toxic chemicals with which we come in contact in our daily lives.

Narcotic and other toxic drugs are not the only culprits which can cause AIDS. We are constantly being poisoned and drugged daily throughout the day and many of us even in the night during sleep -- and we may not even be aware of it -- by highly toxic pollutants in the air and water. There is massive adulteration and contamination of foods, drinks, drugs, etc. Innumerable chemicals, pesticide residues and other poisons pollute and contaminate the air, water, drinks, foods, drugs, and other consumer items of daily use in thousands of different ways. Many dangerous additives are ingested daily with processed and enriched foods and drinks by modern westernized man, which may act like drugs and may do great harm and even cause AIDS in AIDS-prone persons.

We know of the harmful effects of air pollution caused by tobacco smoke and toxic fumes from motor vehicles, factories, kitchens, etc. Tobacco smoke and polluted air cause colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and cancer -- which is considered incurable like AIDS -- and greatly increase the susceptibility to AIDS.

Toxic Effects of Halogens in Consumer Goods of Daily Use: There is a wrong, improper and excessive use of chlorine, iodine, fluorine and bromine in some of the most widely used items. Can you believe that chlorinated water, iodized table salt, fluoride toothpaste, fluoridated water, brominated vegetable oils used in soft drinks and ice creams, and potassium bromate used in bread and beer, are among the topmost causes in producing different types of AIDS in susceptible persons with differing susceptibilities?

I have many definite proofs from my own experiments and observations.

Many susceptible persons can actually get chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), ARC, and later AIDS due to the use of chlorinated water for drinking and cooking, iodized salt in foods and drinks, fluoride toothpaste, fluoridated water, and bromination of soft drinks, ice creams, bread and beer. That means 3 billion to 4 billion people (3000 million to 4000 million people) are under the shadow of AIDS! Is it not shocking to know that about half to two-thirds of the world's population is at risk of getting AIDS. It is the cruellest paradox for the rich or better off people living in urban centers to be affected more than other sections of the population.

Note: Never before in nature in the whole history of man, spanning over millions of years, except in the last 50 to 100 years, have chlorinated water, iodized salt, fluoride toothpaste, artificially fluoridated water, and brominated food products, been used on such a massive scale as items of daily consumption.

Chlorinated Water & AIDS: After years of doubt and suspicion, I have found out how chlorinated water can do harm. Chlorinated water, which saves most of us from many diseases, is not tolerated well by all people. It is very dangerous for some percentage of the people. Of all the damned things, chlorinated water is the most important single cause of CFS, ARC and AIDS in susceptible persons due to its widespread use.

If chlorine in high doses can kill life-forms like bacteria in water, can it not also damage or weaken the immune system in susceptible humans? For many years it has been known that chlorine produces cancer-causing chemicals in water.

Paradox: Drinking more water is commonly believed to be good for health. But the more chlorinated water a susceptible person consumes, the more sick he becomes. The reason for the paradox is that chlorine*** in drinking and cooking water attacks the mucous membranes and weakens them, which then become prone to attacks of colds, coughs, sore throat, bronchitis, asthma, and later to pneumonia, tuberculosis, CFS, etc. in susceptible persons who may finally get AIDS. Note: This is only a simplified statement. Some precautions are necessary for consuming chlorinated water by those susceptible to its harmful effects.

Iodized Salt (Excess Iodine) & AIDS: The daily consumption of iodized table salt can be fatal for persons with, or prone to, diarrhea, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, and cholera, as they may get AIDS associated with diarrhea. Daily consumption of iodized salt in endemically diarrhea-prone regions is very dangerous as millions would just be wiped out prematurely. The great increase in the incidence of diarrheal AIDS in India is due to the increased consumption of iodized salt in foods and drinks in the past few years. We must not blindly follow the constipated western people -- eating constipating diets -- in consuming iodized salt with a very high iodine content. Why can't excessive addition of iodine to table salt be avoided?

In India, we are fighting against the Government's decision to make the sale and use of iodized salt mandatory in the whole country. I and others believing in my ideas about iodized salt have convinced, personally and through newspaper articles and letters, millions of diarrhea-prone people in India to give up consumption of iodized salt and thus prevent the destruction of their bodies' immunity and avoid CFS, ARC, AIDS, and certain premature death. It is nothing short of a criminal act to force diarrhea-prone people to consume iodized salt with a very high iodine content as it is death warrant for the unfortunate masses. It is genocide or mass murder, by slow poisoning with dietary means, of millions of people especially in the poor tropical countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America that are prone to diarrheal diseases.

Those who believe in True Democracy must condemn and resolutely oppose the regimentation in food habits and forced conformity in dietary practices.

Many Types of AIDS: Because there are many many causes of AIDS, there are also many many types of AIDS. Different factors cause different forms of AIDS in different persons due to differing susceptibilities. Different types of AIDS require different types of treatments in different persons. Preventive measures have also to be different for different persons.

No medical scientist should try to find a single vaccine, a single drug, or a single type of treatment involving a few drugs, to prevent or to cure all forms of AIDS. We can never have any such miracle cure now or at any time even in the distant future. Such a miracle cure at the most will merely remain a pipe-dream of all those crazy medical scientists who wish to play the role of Super-Gods.

Even ALMIGHTY GOD cannot make a single vaccine,a single drug, or a single type of treatment to prevent or cure all forms of AIDS. No one should attempt to be a Super-God, by trying to do what even GOD cannot ever do.

Tragic Dilemma of Allopaths: The long-term use of the very allopathic drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of AIDS is definitely going to cause new forms of AIDS! That is the most tragic dilemma of those who believe in allopathy.

*13 years now
**18 years now
***Note: The chlorides of iron, zinc, lead, aluminium, chromium, nickel, copper, tin, antimony, etc, formed in the drinking and cooking water 'attack' the mucous membranes directly and indirectly and weaken them. (I had deliberately made a vague statement because I had to keep my research findings secret at that time.)