Blood-letting cures AIDS

By A. J. Singha
alias Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

For more than 12 years*, I have known that blood-letting is one of the most important measures that can control the symptoms like those found in one type of AIDS. For many centuries, the practice of blood-letting was carried out with the help of blood-sucking leeches. The ancient system of medicine used blood-letting as the treatment for an AIDS-like syndrome and some other diseases.
The modern techniques of blood-letting can now be used, instead of the blood-sucking leeches, to control the symptoms of AIDS of one type. But the Indian Allopathic doctors are determined in following their western counterparts in prescribing costly drugs worth thousands of rupees per patient per month for treating AIDS. They just laugh and make fun of those advocating the simple treatment like blood-letting for use against AIDS. Allopathy has no remedy for AIDS. The Allopaths can enact only a comedy on the subject of AIDS, where the joke is on the Allopathic jokers themselves as they are being sarcastically laughed at by the people caught in this great human tragedy.
That blood-letting can control the symptoms of one type of AIDS, cannot be proved wrong even by all the Allopathic doctors and medical scientists of the world put together. I am ready to give a prize of Rs 50,000 (rupees fifty thousand) to any Allopathic or other doctors and medical scientists who can prove in theory and practice that blood-letting cannot control the symptoms of any type of AIDS. Only crazy persons would attempt to prove the impossible.
Even the top Allopathic doctors and medical scientists of the world have failed miserably in finding a cure for AIDS in the last 16 years** in spite of all the big hopes they had of discovering an early cure. Can they be blind to the reality of their dismal failure? Should we feel ashamed of the great discoveries of our ancient doctors? Why can we not accept the so-called primitive practice of blood-letting as treatment for controlling the symptoms of one type of AIDS?
Allopathic doctors and nurses have been brain-washed by Multi-National Companies to fear contact with the blood of AIDS patients. MNCs are bent on selling useless but costly drugs like AZT (Azidothymidine), AL-721, Anti-gene, Cyclosporine, Ribavirin, etc. through Indian Allopaths to make big money by exploiting the ignorant and panic-stricken AIDS patients. They are prevented from using the simple remedy of blood-letting under strict medical supervision.

*17 years (now)
**21 years (till now)

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
15 April 1997.
-------------------------------------------------- Transcript of the Letter to the Editor published in
THE INDIAN EXPRESS, Bombay, on July 24, 1986:

Two of the main reasons for
greater prevalence of AIDS in USA
and some other Western countries are
their obsession with having a high
level of haemoglobin in the blood and
the daily intake of iodized salt in food.

The level of haemoglobin in the
blood of Western people is raised by
the regular consumption of tonics rich
in iron and / or by repeated blood
transfusions. These can cause polycy-
themia, which is known for producing
diarrhoea. The daily intake of iodized
salt causes hyperthyroidism in many,
which also produces diarrhoea.

Polycythemia and hyperthyroidism,
present in the same patient at one
time, form a deadly combination.
Together, they can cause uncontrolled
diarrhoea, dehydration and rapid
loss in body weight - the symptoms
associated with AIDS. The patient
loses immunity to diarrhoeal diseases
and related problems.

No one can defy the laws of nature
and remain unaffected. So the treat-
ment should be in accordance with
those laws. The patient's haemoglobin
should be brought down to a
suitable level by the removal of some
He must avoid iodine-rich
foods, including iodized salt, and
treatment should be given for
controlling hyperthyroidism.

As many persons carrying the
AIDS virus do not get the disease,
there is no need for panic. It is
definite proof that immunity to AIDS
exists in these people. In India, the
majority of people are not susceptible
to AIDS as they have a comparatively
low haemoglobin level and do not use
iodized salt.

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