Congratulations to President Mbeki
for his bold stand on AIDS!

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

South African President Thabo Mbeki is the only statesman in the whole world, at present, who is really bold and brave to challenge the existing allopathic theories on the exact causes of AIDS and the effective cures for it. Congratulations to Thabo Mbeki! He must keep up the fight for the sake of millions of patients suffering from AIDS in his country and around the world. The whole world will honor him for his bold stand one day very soon. He must never give up his position in the great controversy. He is absolutely right in saying that just one type of virus, like the so-called HIV, cannot cause a syndrome consisting of many different diseases. Actually, AIDS is not even one syndrome as there are many forms of AIDS which require different therapies for treating different sufferers having differing symptoms.
South Africans are indeed very lucky in having such a great and intelligent leader as their President. But it is a great pity and it is highly unfortunate that some of his own countrymen are making fun of him at the behest of western pseudo-scientists and some news media with vested interests. Why should President Thabo Mbeki be criticized because the presidential spokesperson Parks Mankahlana, aged only 36 years, is reported to have died of AIDS on October 26*?
Why are the arrogant allopaths and their backers pointing accusing fingers at President Mbeki who is one of the greatest statesmen in the world? Can his critics name any allopaths who have saved patients with AIDS from death? Should they talk of merely prolonging any patient's life by a couple of years at a very high cost, when it cannot even be proved conclusively that a patient's life can indeed be prolonged by using allopathic medicines like AZT? Why don't the arrogant allopaths actually save those patients from death? They cannot. Why then do allopaths insist that the non-allopathic therapists should cure the AIDS' patients completely to prove the validity of their alternative theories? President Mbeki is absolutely right in saying that we should also consider the alternative methods to tackle the monster of AIDS, which even the poorest patients can afford. Now what is wrong with that? President Mbeki should be considered as one of the greatest friends of the poor and the underprivileged.
What are the achievements of the allopaths in the sphere of AIDS? In 20 long years, they have not found any cure for AIDS. They have not succeeded in spite of all the big boasts of their top scientists that they shall get the cure for AIDS in a couple of years, which have now elongated to two decades stretching from 1981 to 2000!! When the bombastic and arrogant allopaths have not found out even the exact causes of AIDS, can they find out any cure?
The arrogant allopaths have failed terribly. Allopaths have magnified and multiplied the problems of AIDS' sufferers by blatantly spreading great falsehoods throughout the world. They are trying to suppress the facts based on the findings of non-allopaths who are demanding a reassessment of the research done on the subject of AIDS till now. The arrogant allopaths are the greatest stumbling block in promoting genuine research in the field of AIDS.
Practised from ancient times, blood-letting is a 'cure' for one type of AIDS. But allopaths won't hear of it because this simple treatment for the control of AIDS cannot make them earn the big bucks!! They are only interested in collectively earning billions of dollars every year by fooling the whole world with their useless so-called HIV tests and by prescribing the extremely costly drugs like AZT to their patients.
High hemoglobin level is dangerous for the health of human beings. In ancient times, men lost blood regularly while hunting for food and while fighting in wars. As most modern men are not hunters or warriors, and there is therefore no blood-spilling as in ancient times, we must practice blood-letting to bring down the hemoglobin level in some people suffering from certain diseases including one type of AIDS. The doctors and medical scientists of allopathy are highly obsessed with propagating the dangerous belief that maintaining a high hemoglobin level is good for health.
Blood-letting is a well-known 'cure' for the AIDS-like syndromes in some indigenous systems of medicine in India. Blood-sucking leeches were used in ancient times. Modern techniques, with proper sterilization of instruments, must be used now. Blood-letting, repeated every one or two months by puncturing a vein, is still being used as one of the measures by indigenous doctors to control the symptoms of AIDS successfully in Indian villages and small towns. In spite of all their attempts, allopaths in India have no influence or power to stop such medical practices in those places. Even the AIDS' patients from big cities rush to the villages and small towns to get that treatment from indigenous doctors. With the treatment of blood-letting, patients can live for many years though they may not get cured of AIDS. But allopaths too cannot cure any patient with AIDS. So why are they making a lot of noise and opposing others who use methods that are known to work in controlling AIDS? There are no allopaths in most Indian villages and strangely there is not much incidence of AIDS in those places. What does that indicate? Does the regular use of some toxic allopathic drugs cause AIDS in susceptible persons?
How does AZT control AIDS in patients? The extremely costly AZT controls AIDS mainly by lowering the hemoglobin level in the blood of patients and thus producing the beneficial effects! The ignorant allopaths don't even know that and foolishly try to correct the so-called 'anemia' caused by AZT and thus nullify the benefits!! But AZT is also known to be highly toxic and produces dangerous side effects which can prove fatal for many patients. Why are the highly arrogant allopaths blind to reality? Why can't the simple, cheap and safe procedure of blood-letting or phlebotomy, as allopaths call it, be used by them instead of administering the toxic AZT?
Believe it or not, blood-letting is not even outside the scope of allopathy!! All allopaths must have the knowledge about this minor form of surgery!! But can they earn the big bucks if they use this simple treatment?!!!

*October 26, 2000.
First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
6 November 2000.