Chlorinated Water destroys Immunity in MANY Ways:
Excess of Zinc causes Kidney Disease,
AIDS & Early Death!!!

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

Chlorinated water destroys immunity in millions of people. When chlorinated water comes in contact with pipes, tanks and utensils of different metals, the chlorine in it attacks those metals to form their chlorides. The chlorides thus formed can remain dissolved in water and get ingested by persons who consume such water and the foods and drinks prepared with such water. Chlorinated water can cause iron, aluminium, copper, antimony, lead, tin, chromium and zinc poisoning of different degrees under different conditions in millions of different people.

When chlorinated water flows through rusty old iron pipes or is stored in rusty iron tanks, drums, cans and pots, it gets contaminated with iron chlorides (ferrous chloride and ferric chloride) and may cause iron poisoning in the persons consuming such water and the foods and drinks prepared with such water. Iron poisoning can cause allergic coughs, colds and asthma in millions of people. The accumulation of a large quantity of iron in the liver, known as hepatic siderosis, can damage the liver. Excessive ingestion and absorption of iron can also damage the kidneys, heart, lungs and pancreas. There can be an excessive formation of the red blood cells leading to polycythemia and the problems related to that condition.

But what happens when we use galvanized water pipes and tanks? When chlorinated water flows through the zinc-coated pipes and is stored in zinc-coated tanks, the results are much worse than those caused by iron poisoning! Chlorine reacts with the zinc coating and forms zinc chloride. The regular consumption of water contaminated with zinc chloride produces zinc poisoning in the affected persons. Zinc poisoning can also be caused by using galvanized water-storage drums, milk cans, and trays required in the bakeries and factories producing food products.

Drinking zinc-contaminated piped water regularly can cause such severe pain in the stomach and intestines that it may seem as if holes have got punched in them. There is massive inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and many ulcers get formed in the stomach and intestines. Zinc poisoning can cause extreme pain in the kidneys and seriously damage them. The excessive ingestion of zinc also causes respiratory problems and can adversely affect the heart.

Along with the excessive ingestion of iodine from iodized salt, Vitamin D from fortified milk and milk products, and chromium derived from foods and drinks prepared in cheap stainless steel utensils, the excessive ingestion of zinc can cause drastic reduction in immunity and even produce AIDS in the persons who regularly use the zinc chloride contaminated water in their foods and drinks. The excessive ingestion of zinc helps the excesses of iodine, Vitamin D, chromium, etc, in destroying immunity to many diseases and, together, they produce AIDS in millions of people all over the world.

Why should anyone require to be infected by the so-called HIV to get AIDS, when chlorinated water can produce AIDS in a person by causing the ingestion of toxic amounts of many minerals that can destroy immunity? The white cells of the affected person can easily break down due to the effects of multiple chemical poisoning and produce the so-called HIV and many other virus-like particles from their own genes.

I know about persons who shifted from their old houses to newly constructed ones, got severe kidney disease and died within two or three years. Those things happened just due to the zinc poisoning caused by chlorinated water passing through the new galvanized iron pipes in their localities and homes! Even the best-known and costly treatments could not save them because the basic cause of the disease was not understood.

About four and a half years back, I too suffered from ulcers and kidney problems, with severe shifting pain all over in the abdomen. Like the others, I had started consuming water drawn through the new zinc-coated pipes that were laid in my neighborhood and fitted in all the old houses in it. In a few weeks, I came to realize what was the cause of the severe pain in the stomach, intestines and kidneys.

I cursed my fate for being forced to use the piped water for drinking and cooking purposes. Like the billions of other people in the world, I could not afford to use the expensive bottled water. That is the damned type of life for the majority of the world's population. We all have to suffer the massive damage caused to our health by the foolish actions of a small percentage of those who are in authority. The actions of those ignorant few determine the important issues of life and death for the millions. But, luckily, I am still alive! That is because, as a nutritionist determined to cure himself, I just had to find out all the ways and means to counter the harmful effects of the excessive amounts of zinc in the piped water which I had to use for drinking and cooking purposes.

What is so sacrosanct about the vitamins and other essential nutrients that makes many medical scientists adamantly refuse to believe that their excessive intakes over long periods of time can destroy immunity and cause AIDS in human beings? Absolutely nothing! Then why should they run away from the truth based on the reality which proves that the regular consumption of excessive amounts of even essential nutrients can destroy immunity and cause early death in human beings?

There are some crazy people in western countries who advocate the use of high doses of zinc supplements even for such ordinary problems like the common cold. The regular use of zinc supplements like zinc sulfate, zinc acetate, zinc aspartate, zinc citrate, zinc dipicolinate, zinc gluconate and zinc orotate, is extremely dangerous and can prove fatal for those who have lowered immunity and are prone to AIDS.

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
29 June 2001.

NOTE: Reducing Risk from Chlorinated

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

In some western countries, the civic authorities supply water through a network of PVC pipes which are resistant to the attack from chlorine in water. I am not sure whether the civic authorities in India have the financial resources to replace all the water pipes made of galvanized iron with PVC pipes for supplying water. It is also possible to coat the inner side of iron pipes with PVC instead of zinc. That should prevent the possibility of harm due to zinc poisoning, which is otherwise caused by chlorinated water getting contaminated with zinc while passing through galvanized pipes.

Many builders and housing societies in India have started replacing the iron tanks with PVC tanks for storing water in their buildings. That is a change for the better as it helps in reducing the chances of chlorinated water getting contaminated.