Chlorinated Water can cause AIDS:
Excess of Chromium causes
AIDS everywhere!!

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

According to my findings, chlorinated water and chromium-coated cheap stainless steel utensils, present in most of the modern homes, are responsible for causing AIDS in millions of people spread all over the world. These two factors produce a chemical contaminant, chromium chloride, in the water used for drinking and for cooking foods on such a wide scale that approximately 1 billion to 2 billion people of the world are affected to a greater or lesser extent. The contamination of foods and drinks with chromium chloride has become a routine occurrence in the daily lives of all such people. As a chemical contaminant which has entered the food chain in the last 40 or 50 years, chromium chloride can produce AIDS in millions of susceptible persons.
Not knowing the great risk to which they are exposed, millions of people in the world use cheap stainless steel saucers, plates, bowls, pressure cookers, kettles, jugs, mugs, tumblers, spoons, knives, forks, pots, pans, trays, water storage tanks and drums, and water filters, which have been plated or coated with chromium. Such utensils are very dangerous when they are used for cooking, storing and serving foods and beverages. The use of cheap chromium-coated stainless steel utensils for cooking, baking, storing and serving foods and beverages is prevalent in millions of homes, restaurants, roadside eateries, canteens, bakeries and other food processing and manufacturing industries, especially in the poor and developing countries, due to the massive ignorance, which is manifested even by the educated classes and the medical profession.
When foods and drinks containing chlorinated water are cooked or prepared and stored in such cheap stainless steel utensils, chromium leaches out in quite large quantities into the foods and drinks. Chlorine from the water attacks the chromium of utensils which then gets released into the water, and the foods cooked in such water, forming chromium chloride. The acids of sour foods and fruit juices can also react with chromium and make them get contaminated with that metal with the formation of chromium salts. The regular consumption of such foods and drinks, contaminated heavily with chromium, causes loss of immunity in millions of people which can lead them to AIDS.
A high-level contamination of foods and beverages with chromium can produce AIDS in the affected persons in about 2 to 4 months and may cause death in about 6 months. A lower level contamination can produce the symptoms of AIDS in a longer period and cause death in two or more years.
The poisoning caused by the regular ingestion of excess chromium, due to the high-level contamination of foods and drinks with chromium, produces the following symptoms in a few months in the affected person:
  1. Persistent diarrhea, chronic pain in many parts of the gastrointestinal tract and dehydration.
  2. Rapid loss of weight in spite of adequate caloric intake and adequate protein in food. Loss of about 2 kilograms per month.
  3. Low blood pressure in spite of taking more salt, more meat and more fat in the diet.
  4. Irregular heart beat. Loss of beats or extra beats producing a fear that the heart may stop suddenly at any time.
  5. Cough and sore throat. The persistent cough can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia and even tuberculosis.
  6. Chronic fatigue. Extremely great effort is required to get up from the bed or chair. There is a feeling of extreme weariness as the body seems to have become heavy as if it is made of some heavy metal. Continuous aches and pains are felt all over the body throughout the day and night.
  7. Severe insomnia. The affected person cannot sleep continuously in one position in the bed even for 10 or 15 minutes because he gets pain in the parts of his body on which he lies.
  8. Great pain in the teeth and also in the bones. Some teeth begin to crack with their pieces breaking off. There is a fear of getting spontaneous fractures in bones.
  9. Appearance of wrinkles and other signs of rapid premature aging.
  10. There is a fear that death is approaching fast. Death seems certain. The affected person feels he is going to die in a few days or some weeks.

More and more people are now using cheap chromium-plated steel utensils, and especially water-storage tanks and drums, to replace those that are made of aluminium and tinned copper. Due to this change, millions are falling sick and many are dying prematurely in India. I have come across many cases of apparently healthy persons who got sick suddenly and died mysteriously at a young age of some unknown disease in a few weeks or some months.
About 10 years back, I too got very seriously affected by the consumption of water and food which had been highly contaminated with chromium chloride. I became weaker and weaker as I consumed the contaminated water and food for more than 4 months. I could have been dead in a couple of weeks or so if the contamination of my water and food had continued for more time. That is what I had really felt. Like millions of people around the world, I had unknowingly made some mistake regarding the water and food I had been consuming. Even though I had panicked due to death seeming to be so very near, I did not become absolutely desperate because I was quite sure that something was wrong with my food.
I could have been counting my last few days on Earth. As I thought continuously, I found nothing apparently wrong with my food. I was certain I would die if I did not succeed in finding out the real cause. But I didn't die because I found out the source of the contamination. Lying sleepless and restless, and unable to move out of the house most of the time, I suddenly remembered that some months back I had bought a large stainless steel drum for storing water that I used for drinking and cooking. I already had one small stainless steel drum before. I had started using both the stainless steel drums with the specific purpose of completely avoiding the use of aluminium vessels of all types. In the nick of time, I realized that the drums were chromium-plated and that I must have got poisoned with chromium chloride, as the water was chlorinated heavily in the city of Pune where I lived.
In the beginning, I had benefited tremendously and I had felt very healthy and strong after starting to use the water from the chromium-plated steel drums. Experiencing the benefits, how could I have then realized that I would be later seeing death was so near! But finally I could return to health after having had a close shave with death.
Because I prefer to cook my own food, I was lucky in being able to trace and identify the source of the chemical contamination as the water kept in chromium-plated stainless steel drums. Otherwise, I would certainly have been dead about 10 years ago due to continuing the consumption of chromium-contaminated water and food. I finally ended the contamination of my water and food with chromium by stopping to store the drinking and cooking water in the stainless steel drums. I got cured substantially in 3 months. But it took 9 to 10 months for me to get completely cured. I had to make a number of changes in my diet to achieve the desired result. Now, 10 years later, even at the age of 58 years, I can ride my bicycle for about 45 minutes daily, perform exercises with iron dumbbells a couple of times in a week and do all the work for my daily needs without depending on anyone.
Chromium-rich foods like whole-grain cereals, pulses and legumes, corn oil, brewer's yeast, spices, unrefined cane sugar, chicken (fed with whole grains and bran), shell fish, etc, are harmful for those suffering from the AIDS caused by chromium poisoning. Chromium-containing tablets, which are wrongly prescribed by allopathic doctors to their patients for slimming purposes, can also cause AIDS in many susceptible persons. Among the most dangerous allopathic prescriptions are the medicines like chromium trichloride, chromium picolinate and chromium-enriched yeast. Such medicines must be completely avoided by all those persons who have a lower immunity to disease and are prone to AIDS.
Excessive intakes of iodine, Vitamin D and petroleum-based contaminants in foods and drinks make matters many times worse for those who get AIDS due to chromium poisoning. Together, the excesses of chromium, iodine, Vitamin D and petroleum-based contaminants in foods and drinks produce a devastating effect on the bodies of the AIDS sufferers. Such AIDS sufferers should avoid or restrict their consumption of chromium-rich foods, iodized salt, Vitamin D fortified milk and milk products, and foods and drinks contaminated with petroleum products. They should also restrict the exposure of their skins to sunshine.

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
11 June 2001.