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The Paradox of AIDS
Two main types - LIDDIS and LIDCOS
By  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani
    Other scientists had been ridiculing me because of my belief that there are many causes of AIDS. In my articles that were published in the past, I had deliberately not given all the links that exist between the different synergetic nutrients that can together cause AIDS. Some of my previous articles are displayed on this website. Many scientists thought that they could make fun of me and get away with it. I gave them a chance to laugh at me. How can they prove me wrong now when I state that the excessive consumption of certain groups of synergetic nutrients can result in a massive loss of immunity to cause AIDS and even death in a few days or weeks? When some dangerous combinations of synergetic nutrients are consumed in large amounts particularly by sick individuals, they can even cause the deaths of such persons in a few hours.
Is Health the Opposite of Disease?
    The opposite of disease is not health! The exact opposite of any disease is another disease which produces the opposite type of symptoms. The opposite of diarrhea is constipation. The opposite of anemia is polycythemia. The opposite of high blood pressure is low blood pressure. Therefore, even the opposite of AIDS is not health. The exact opposite of AIDS is another type of AIDS, which produces the opposite type of symptoms in the patients suffering from it. This is one of my most important findings.
    The above paradox about health and disease proves that there are at least two main types of AIDS which produce the opposite types of symptoms. Actually there are many types of AIDS. How many types of AIDS are there? I cannot answer this question because I don't know the answer.
Many Causes of AIDS
    There may be 8 to 10 main types of AIDS and many more  minor types. But there are hundreds  or even  thousands of causes of AIDS. Even the excesses and deficiencies of groups of essential nutrients can be responsible for AIDS. It is therefore logical to believe that the thousands of chemical additives, adulterants and contaminants like residues of pesticides, that get into our bodies regularly, can also cause AIDS of many different types in susceptible persons.
    Even though I know some definite causes of AIDS, I am broad-minded enough to state that there are many other causes of AIDS about which I am ignorant. So there are many opportunities open to other scientists to find out those causes.
    I believe that anything or all things, singly or in combination, that can cause drastic changes or disturbances in the biochemical functioning of the body, may cause AIDS in susceptible persons.
    On the basis of my classification of nutrients as laxative factors and constipating factors, there are two main types of AIDS. These are the two most clear-cut and simplest types of AIDS. There are also other types of AIDS which are due to the wrong combinations of the dietary factors of mixed types and should therefore be explained differently.
    LIDDIS, or diarrheal AIDS, and LIDCOS, or constipating AIDS, are two types of AIDS which produce symptoms that are of the opposite types, and so they require different treatments which are also of opposite types. To give the same type of treatment to the patients suffering from different types of AIDS is illogical as well as dangerous. Giving the same type of medical treatment to all the AIDS patients can definitely cause premature deaths in many of them.
Diarrheal AIDS or LIDDIS
    Diarrheal AIDS or LIDDIS is due to the Loss of Immunity to Diseases of the Diarrheal Syndrome. 
    The symptoms of LIDDIS are persistent diarrhea, damage to the gastrointestinal tract, dehydration, fever, low blood pressure, heart disease associated with low blood pressure, rapid loss of weight and chronic fatigue. The other symptoms in this condition can include diabetes (IDD), acidosis, gout, low levels of fat and cholesterol in the body, ulcers, ulcerous cancers, etc.
    Diarrheal AIDS is caused by various combinations of the following factors :
    1. Excessive amounts of the laxative nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamine (vitamin B1), pantothenate, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, iodine, chromium, phosphates and some other compounds of phosphorus, (zinc), etc.
    2. Deficiencies of the constipating nutrients.
    3. Laxative medicines and drugs.
    4. Laxative additives, adulterants and contaminants in foods and drinks.
    5. Residues of laxative pesticides and petroleum products in foods and drinks.
    6. Lack of exercise and excessive rest.
    7. Overeating which results in the excess of energy available to the body.
    8. Prolonged retention of semen (in men) due to lack of sex.
    9. Hyperthyroidism.
  10. Polycythemia (high RBC count).
    In excessive amounts, all the laxative factors together can kill even the strongest persons in the world in a few days, though individually such factors may not be present in lethal quantities.
    Nobody can dare to challenge the Laws of Nature and survive for long.
Cure for LIDDIS
    Patients suffering from diarrheal AIDS should reduce the intakes of laxative dietary factors. They should avoid laxative medicines and drugs as well as foods containing laxative additives, laxative contaminants, and laxative residues of pesticides and petroleum products.
    Persons suffering from diarrheal AIDS should take greater amounts of the constipating dietary factors such as:
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Riboflavin (vitamin B2),
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6),
Tryptophan (an amino acid)
Folic acid
Some organic acids (like citric acid, but not vitamin C)
Nitrates and some other compounds of nitrogen
    Persons suffering from LIDDIS should avoid overeating as that produces a laxative tendency. They should take exercise regularly. Men should not let semen accumulate in their bodies for a long time. Blood-letting helps in curing LIDDIS or diarrheal AIDS in persons having polycythemia. Exposure of the body to sunshine should be reduced to avoid the formation of too much vitamin D in the body.
Constipating AIDS or LIDCOS
    Constipating AIDS or LIDCOS is due to the Loss of Immunity to Diseases of the Constipating Syndrome.
    The symptoms of LIDCOS are extremely severe constipation, edema, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic fatigue, tumors and cancer. The other symptoms in this condition can include high levels of fat and cholesterol in the body, diabetes (NIDD), leukemia, etc.
    Constipating AIDS is caused by various combinations of the following factors :
    1. Excessive amounts of the constipating nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, tryptophan (an amino acid), folic acid, protein, fat, some organic acids (like citric acid, but not vitamin C), calcium, flouride, chloride, (bromide), nitrates and some other compounds of nitrogen, copper, etc.    
    2. Deficiencies of the laxative nutrients.
    3. Constipating medicines and drugs.
    4. Constipating additives, adulterants and contaminants in foods and drinks.
    5. Residues of constipating pesticides in foods and drinks.
    6. Too much exercise.
    7. Fasting or semi-starvation diets which result in a deficit of energy in the body.
    8. Over-indulgence in sex and excessive loss of semen (in men).
    9. Hypothyroidism.
  10. Anemia (low RBC count).
    In excessive amounts, all the constipating factors together can kill even the strongest persons in the world in a few weeks, though individually such factors may not be present in lethal quantities.
    Over-indulgence in sex, hypothyroidism and anemia make the constipating AIDS much worse.
Cure for LIDCOS
    Patients suffering from constipating AIDS should reduce the intakes of constipating dietary factors. They should avoid constipating medicines and drugs, as well as foods containing constipating additives, constipating contaminants and constipating pesticide residues.
    Persons suffering from constipating AIDS should take greater amounts of the laxative dietary factors such as:
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Thiamine (vitamin B1)
Phosphates and some other compounds of phosphorus
    They should consume more water and fiber-rich carbohydrate foods like unrefined cereals, vegetables and fruits. They can also use foods and drinks that contain dilute phosphoric acid as an additive.
    Persons suffering from LIDCOS should avoid fasting and semi-starvation diets as they make constipation more severe. The patients with constipating AIDS should avoid too much exercise and must take adequate rest. Men should avoid over-indulgence in sex and conserve their semen. Anemic persons may even require blood transfusion as that can help in curing the AIDS associated with constipation.
SARS is a Form of AIDS
    Some cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) can be caused by various incompatible combinations of some or all of the following nutrients when they are consumed regularly in large amounts:
Vitamin A
Vitamin K
Some B-complex factors
Acids like citric acid and vinegar
Nitrates and some other compounds of nitrogen used in foods as additives
    Chinese hakka noodles, fortified with dangerous combinations of nutrients, and processed meats containing nitrites or nitrates, seem responsible for many of the cases of SARS occurring regularly in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and some other countries. SARS causes deaths of many patients affected by it in a short period because SARS is like one type of fast-acting AIDS.

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
26 July 2003
Copyright 2003 by  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani

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