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Do MNCs have a License to kill Indians?
Do Cola Drinks contain Clean Shit?
By  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani

    Some top journalists want the MNCs to have the right to continue poisoning all Indians, including all our political leaders and other Members of Parliament, with their highly contaminated colas and bottled water, just because we already have poisons in our diets! They do not want any beginning to be made to stop this massive madness. Is it because the clean shit found in the soft drinks of MNCs is imported from the White West that a clean chit is being given to the cola makers? Many MNCs believe that they have a right to commit genocide in India because some well-placed persons have been receiving massive amounts of money for promoting their poisonous products!
    If we are getting toxic pesticides in our foods and water, who is responsible for that? Are the MNCs not manufacturing and aggressively promoting the sale of those pesticides with the help of their Indian collaborators? After poisoning us on a massive scale, they have hired persons like Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express, to put all the blame on our leaders and farmers. The MNCs are also using the Shekhar Guptas to promote the sale of their highly toxic bottled water and colas at high prices. And finally the Pharmaceutical MNCs sell us their highly toxic drugs to counter the effects of all the poisoning for which the other MNCs are mainly responsible. The different MNCs have formed an extremely vicious alliance with the help of their Indian collaborators.
    Does the unholy alliance of MNCs and editors of some top newspapers think that Indians are rats, cockroaches or mosquitoes that we should be fed massive amounts of pesticides in cola drinks, bottled water and other products without even having any right to protest? Do even our MPs have no right to protest by boycotting cola drinks?  
    Will PepsiCo and Coca-Cola company dare to sell their pesticide-contaminated products bottled and packed in India to the people in Europe and USA? Have the MNCs been given a right to commit genocide in India just because persons like Shekhar Gupta get massive amounts of Vitamin M (Money) from them?
    The discovery of  large amounts of pesticides in cola drinks and bottled water shall become a hot issue for the future elections to the State Assemblies and the Lok Sabha. The extremely strong public reaction against the cola giants and water bottlers, and the boycott of their products, are absolute proofs of that development.
    With a lot of Vitamin M of the MNCs slipping away from his hands, Shaker Gupta of The Indian Express has truly become Shaken Gupta. He has lost his mental balance and is therefore wildly trying to shift all the blame on to the political leaders and parliamentarians. He does not want any action to be taken against the MNCs for poisoning us on such a vast scale. A massive vitriolic campaign has been launched attacking  the Indian leaders, MPs and farmers by the newspaper barons at the behest of MNCs. Can the MNCs force us to drink and eat highly poisonous products manufactured by them?
Disinformation Campaign by Indian Express
     By writing the following lines in The Indian Express of August 9, Shekhar Gupta has tried to deflect the anger of the common people from the MNCs to the Members of Parliament:

    "You may raise some questions about our politicians' intellect or integrity but there is no faulting their instincts. So how does the Parliament of India assert its sovereign authority the moment the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), which is now emerging as probably our most constructive, thorough and thereby effective NGO, comes up with its new report showing unacceptable high pesticide residues in Coke, Pepsi and other soft drink brands marketed by the same companies? It decides not to serve these soft drinks in its cafeteria and the members of Parliament get their fifteen seconds of fame on television channels with visuals of crates of these poisonous products sold by such hateful MNCs being moved out."
    "Our vegetables and fruits contain several times more pesticide residue than permissible. Ditto for most of our dairy produce. Our poultry farms use more antibiotics, hormones than permitted in any civilised society. Wait till CSE gives you a report on your eggs (sic). Masala omelette would acquire a completely different meaning."
    "By carting cola crates out of Parliament, the political class thinks it's done its job. It's horrible enough to find internationally banned pesticides in your colas. But how did these get into your acquifers (sic) in the first place? What are the regulators, the ministries of health, agriculture and food processing doing?"
    Why is Shaken Gupta enacting such a melodrama over a report about pesticides in cola drinks? Why is he talking about the politicians' intellect or integrity and overlooking the faults and lapses of extra-smart journalists like himself? Editors of newspapers like The Indian Express have been blocking all information about the pesticides present in our foods and drinks for many years. They earn massive amounts of money from MNCs by getting the advertisements for their toxic cola drinks, contaminated bottled water and other poisonous products. How much vitamin M has The Indian Express received for shielding the MNCs from the fury of the Indian people? Shedding of crocodile tears by a Shekhar Gupta for the common people of India is not going to absolve The Indian Express of its sins of hypocrisy. He is paid by the MNCs and is trying to do everything to safeguard their interests and shield the MNCs from the wrath of the Indian people. It is the treacherous journalists like him belonging to the top newspapers like The Indian Express who have helped in selling and mortgaging India's interests to the MNCs.
    The Indian Express has been promoting the cola culture in India in a big way. The Indian Express has been popularizing cola drinks in the Verve festival of Pune, and thus helping to cause the mass poisoning of thousands of young college students participating in it. It believes in the Journalism of Hypocrisy and Deceit, and not in the Journalism of Courage as it wrongly claims.
Shaken Gupta's Cola Express is SinKing!
     Shaken Gupta's  Cola Express will sink without the massive amounts of Vitamin M it gets from MNCs. Shekhar Gupta wants the cola manufacturers to have a right to poison us more and more, as he justifies it by saying that we are already being poisoned with contaminated foods and water. So long as Shekhar Gupta can continue to receive his Vitamin M from MNCs to sustain him and his Cola Express, how does it matter for him and his Cola Express that we get poisoned more and more and die 15 to 20 years prematurely. Down with the great hypocrites in The Indian Express!
    Shekhar Gupta's type are living in a Fools' Paradise. They think that they can still suppress the truth through their journalistic subterfuge by camouflaging their extremely selfish motive to earn more and more money with the help of well-written articles published in newspapers having massive circulation like The Indian Express. Soon such fools will run for cover from the mob fury of the poisoned people of India. This is the 21st century with free flow of information all over the world. In these days of the internet, it is laughable that persons like Shekhar Gupta are still trying to suppress the facts propagated through the news and views of others.
Pharma MNCs Extremely Happy
    Even though I am more than 60 years old, I have hardly consumed 100 bottles (each containing about 250 ml) of cola drinks of all types in my whole life. I  firmly believe that the regular consumption of pesticide-laden foods and drinks cause headaches, insomnia and depression, which make many Indians become alcohol and drug addicts. This is one of my most important discoveries as a nutritionist. If the poisoned colas and bottled water are allowed to be manufactured and sold, why should we have any campaigns to stop smoking, drinking of alcohol, and consumption of gutkha, ganja, charas, opium and cocaine?
    For many years I have been saying that poisoned Indian athletes can never win even bronze medals, forget about the gold and silver medals, in the Olympics due to the adulteration and contamination of our foods and drinks. Only the NRI athletes, who live and train abroad, have any chances of winning all those medals, yes even gold medals, in the Olympics! Anyone can visit my website www.AIDS-RealCures.com and read my article "Does Adulterated Food cause AIDS?"
    The persons most happy are those in the pharmaceutical MNCs who can earn billions of dollars every year by selling their different medicines and drugs that are required in massive quantities to combat jaundice, cancer, AIDS and hundreds of other diseases that result from the consumption of poisonous foods, drinks and water. The cola giants are the best friends and partners of the pharmaceutical companies in their many campaigns of loot and acts of genocide in India.

First time released to the news media on
24 August 2003
Copyright 2003 by  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani

 Editor & Publisher: 
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