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Exercise Causes Constipation!
By  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani
This article was sent in May 1995 as a letter to Medical Colleges; Medical Journals; Health, Nutrition & Sports Magazines; Health & Sports Ministers; Important Indian & Foreign Newspapers.

   One great medical myth, prevailing for 2000 to 3000 years, is that physical exercise helps in preventing and curing constipation. This false belief is still being dogmatically propagated all over the world by practitioners of Allopathy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, and by experts in Health Education and Sports Medicine. All therapies based on this dangerous dogma are a threat to the health of many patients.
   Even after reading about 500 books and thousands of articles on different systems of medicine and allied fields over a period of about 27 years, I have never found any scientific proof showing that active exercise, like walking, running, swimming, cycling, weight-training, other active sports or physical work, prevents or cures constipation.
Prize of Rs 100,000 Offered*
   Through this letter, I make a declaration of my promise to give a total prize of Rs 100,000 (rupees one lakh) to any scientist or scientists who can give practical as well as theoretical proofs about how and why more of active exercise, involving the voluntary movements of muscles of the body, can prevent and cure constipation under scientifically controlled conditions.
   Is there any Indian or foreign doctor or scientist of any system of medicine, or expert in Health Education or Sports Medicine, having enough courage of conviction, who can prove that taking more of active exercise can help in preventing and curing constipation in subjects in experiments under scientifically controlled conditions, and win the prize of Rs 100,000 offered by me? Can any doctor, scientist or expert prove the following: "Keeping other things unchanged, how and why can more of active exercise by subjects in experiments help in preventing and curing constipation in them?"
   Only scientific proofs are required. Dogmatic opinions of other famous and popular doctors, scientists and experts, and references from any authoritative medical and health books of well-known authors are not necessary.
   In my personal library, I have about 200 books, including medical dictionaries, on Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Physiology, Health, Exercise, etc. In many of the books, only statements are made, without giving any proofs, that physical exercise prevents and cures constipation.
Active Exercise Cures some Diarrheas
   In scientifically controlled experiments, I had tried my best in the last 25 years or so to find out whether active exercise prevented and cured constipation. I always failed to get any positive proof. I tried and tried again for hundreds of times and failed to get any proof each and every time. I found that it was impossible to get the traditionally expected result.
    Now, I have practical as well as theoretical proofs that clearly show that active exercise tends to cause constipation! A severely constipated person is able to take very little exercise, as more of active exercise makes the problem of constipation much worse. According to my findings, active exercise and physical work are actually helpful in preventing and curing some types of diarrhea.
Law on the Effect of Exercise
   In scientifically controlled experiments, I have discovered the following formula: "Other things remaining unchanged, the more of active exercise a person takes, the more constipated that person tends to become." Therefore, when a person takes active exercise daily for two hours, he tends to become more constipated than when he takes exercise of the same type for only one hour.
   The other things that can alter the result of the experiment, are the quantity and type of food, milk, table salt, water, etc. To keep the other things unchanged, the person, who takes exercise in the experiment, should not change the quantity or type of food, milk, table salt, water, etc., he consumes during the period of the experiment.
Athletes Require Laxatives
   From my observations, I have found that most athletes and sportspersons who take prolonged exercise regularly, consume more food, more milk, more table salt and more water. The larger intakes of these items can provide greater quantities of laxative nutrients like dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, manganese, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, sodium, iodine, etc. Many athletes and sportspersons taking prolonged exercise regularly consume Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), milk of magnesia, mixtures of mineral salts that are laxative, or even liquid paraffin, castor oil and other laxative and purgative drugs. These laxative foods, salts and drugs are required by athletes and sportspersons to undo the constipating effect of active physical exercise.
   Proper and adequate rest and relaxation, besides more food and more water, tend to produce a laxative effect and to relieve constipation. Prolonged active exercise and a low-calorie diet can be a dangerous combination for many people.

*In the last eight years, nobody has even tried to prove me wrong to claim the prize of Rs 100,000.

Sexual Activity Also Causes Constipation
       Like excessive exercise, the excessive indulgence in sex, leading to orgasms and the ejaculations of semen, also causes constipation particularly in men. In fact, the sexual activity leading to an orgasm is much more constipating than even exercise.
The Law on the Constipating Effect of Sex
   According to the Law on the Constipating Effect of Sex, the more the sex a person indulges in, and the more the orgasms he gets, the more constipated he tends to become.
   The excessive indulgence in sex causes constipation and the other related problems in men. Conversely, the longer the abstinence from sex by a person, the greater is the tendency for him to get diarrhea. The avoidance of sex for prolonged periods, leading to the retention of large amounts of semen in sexually normal men, can cause persistent diarrhea, dehydration, loss of weight, low blood pressure, severe insomnia and chronic fatigue in many of them.

Copyright 2003 by  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani

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