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(October 2003)
   From this issue, the main domain name of my website is Wonder-Cures.com instead of AIDS-RealCures.com. The website can now take up many common topics concerning health, besides those related to the causes of AIDS. However, this website will not advocate the use of drugs for any therapy. The most important aim of this website is to encourage the use of Nutrition Therapy as the treatment of the first choice.
Excellent Work of Sunita Narain & CSE
   Is it not surprising that an Indian team at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), lead by a woman, has challenged the might of the cola giants on the issue of the high levels of pesticides in bottled water, colas and other soft drinks sold in India? How the powerful multi-national companies (MNCs) tried to intimidate her and the CSE has been narrated in her own words as shown below.
   Sunita Narain: I have learnt how global corporations deal with public concerns. . . . Hours after we released our report, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola convened a press conference to condemn our report and question the credibility of our laboratory. Then followed a public relations blitz. The strategy was simple: denigrate the report, the institution and the individuals who work there; in the process, hope the findings get rubbished. . . . But what is new, at least for India, is an emerging line of attack to question the “right” of a non-governmental organisation to raise public issues. Pepsi has filed a writ petition in the court, which takes the view that the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is “a non-governmental organisation having no legal authority or recognition” and therefore, “the report prepared by a private person does not have any sanctity in law and could not have been binding upon any person, much less the governmental authorities.” In its writ, Pepsi then asks for directions from the court to stop CSE from publishing statements and to withdraw materials from circulation and from its website. ‘Gag’ the institution. ‘Suppress’ its findings. Building on this argument, the Pepsi chief has written articles in newspapers, saying that the study is “another instance where our democracy and constitutional freedom of speech is being misused” and that there is a need to focus on the code of conduct of NGOs.
   All Indians should congratulate Ms Sunita Narain and the Centre for Science and Environment for boldly exposing the MNCs on the issue of high levels of pesticides found in their bottled water, colas and other soft drinks. Ms Sunita Narain and her CSE team deserve all the praise for their bold actions in exposing the callous acts of some of the most powerful American MNCs operating in India. They have risked their lives and careers in  confronting the cola giants of USA and their treacherous Indian collaborators. After knowing about the great courage shown by Ms Sunita Narain, Indian women need not feel timid any more in coming forward to fight for the rights of all the people of the country on important national issues like public health. As mothers and housewives, women should be concerned the most about the health of their families.
   The details about the excellent work being done by the staff of CSE can be read on the following two websites:
   Two of my articles were written in February and August, after the publication of the findings of CSE about bottled water and soft drinks, respectively. The articles are:
    1. India: Land of hypocrisy, deceit, poison, disease & death!
    2. Do MNCs have a License to kill Indians? 
   The two articles are extremely sarcastic about some of our political leaders who just pretend to be patriotic, but are doing nothing for the real good of the people of India. Our leaders worship the God of Wealth and would do anything to get more and more money, even while swearing in the name of socialism and talking about the welfare of the people all the time. The articles can be read in this present edition.
   The presence of high levels of microorganisms, pesticides and other toxic chemicals in water and soft drinks can cause gastroenteritis, jaundice, cancer, even AIDS and early death in the persons who consume them regularly.
Old Articles on Adulteration & Contamination of Foods & Drinks 
   One of my earliest findings has been that adulterated and contaminated foods, drinks and water can even cause AIDS. The following are extracts from two of my articles, which were written in 1994 and 1995, and can be seen in the February 2002 edition of this website:

   Extract from the article, Up to 4000 Million People Are Under the Shadow of AIDS (30 June 1994):

   Narcotic and other toxic drugs are not the only culprits which can cause AIDS. We are constantly being poisoned and drugged daily throughout the day and many of us even in the night during sleep - and we may not even be aware of it - by highly toxic pollutants in the air and water. There is massive adulteration and contamination of foods, drinks, drugs, etc. Innumerable chemicals, pesticide residues and other poisons pollute and contaminate the air, water, drinks, foods, drugs, and other consumer items of daily use in thousands of different ways. Many dangerous additives are ingested daily with processed and enriched foods and drinks by modern westernized man, which may act like drugs and may do great harm and even cause AIDS in AIDS-prone persons.

   Extracts from the article, Does Adulterated Food Cause AIDS? (31 March 1995):
   Does the regular consumption of foods and drinks adulterated with harmful substances cause AIDS in susceptible persons? We know that cheap toxic chemical colors, flavors, and processing and conditioning additives, used illegally in foods and drinks, can produce cancers and other dreadful diseases by causing a drastic fall in immune response. The cancers and other diseases caused by these cheap toxic colors, flavors and other additives, become incurable especially when the banned chemicals continue to be consumed regularly by the victims, in most cases, unknowingly. These incurable cancers and incurable diseases can be compared with AIDS, which is also considered incurable.
   Foods, spices and condiments, and drinks that are adulterated with toxic chemicals are much more dangerous than narcotic drugs for the health of any nation. Unlike the addicts of narcotic drugs, the victims of adulterated foods and drinks are mostly unaware of the adulteration and the dangers from it.
Brilliant Report on SBS by Dr. Al-Bayati (USA)
   I have some more good things to say again about the work of Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., D.A.B.V.T., Toxicologist and Pathologist based in USA. Dr. Al-Bayati has done very valuable research on the true causes of the so-called SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Let us hope Dr. Al-Bayati continues doing the noble work of saving from imprisonment those unfortunate parents who are wrongly accused of causing the deaths of their own infant children.  
   Analysis of Causes That Led to Baby Lucas Alejandro Mullenax-Mendez’s Cardiac Arrest and Death in August-September of 2002, Dr. Al-Bayati's latest report about Shaken Baby Syndrome, and his other articles on the dangers of vaccinations, can be seen on the following websites:


   In preparing his report, Analysis of Causes That Led to Baby Lucas Alejandro Mullenax-Mendez’s Cardiac Arrest and Death, Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati has done really excellent work. In the case of Baby Lucas, Dr. Al-Bayati has refuted the claims that the child was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome and that he died as a result of blunt trauma to the head. His extensive investigation has proved that the child's death was caused by various factors as explained in his brilliant report.
   The following are Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati's words from his report:

   "The treatment of Lucas’s mother with antibiotics predisposed Lucas to vitamin K deficiency by reducing the levels of vitamin K in her breast-milk, causing Lucas’s diarrhea, and reducing vitamin K synthesis in Lucas’s gastrointestinal tract (GIT), and vitamin K uptake from the GIT. Lucas also suffered from liver damage and other systemic problems that reduced the synthesis of coagulation factors in liver and reduced food intake. Moreover, Lucas was almost exclusively breast-fed during his life and human milk has low concentrations of vitamin K. Vitamin K deficiency was the primary cause of bleeding in the brain and other tissues in this case. I presented the clinical evidence that show Lucas suffered from vitamin K deficiency, and vitamin K deficiency is the common and well-documented cause of bleeding in breast-fed infants. Furthermore, the treatment of Lucas with epinephrine in the hospital also contributed to the subdural bleeding and bleeding in other locations as shown by several brain CT scans taken. The clinical data presented in this report showed that Lucas suffered from diabetes, metabolic acidosis, hypokalemia, liver damage, urinary tract bacterial infection, pneumonia, and vitamin K deficiency, which are known to cause bleeding and death in children."

   I fully agree with Dr. Al-Bayati that a severe deficiency of vitamin K can cause the death of an infant. I have myself been using small doses of vitamin K quite regularly for more than a decade to control the symptoms of AIDS in myself. So, I personally know the great importance of vitamin K therapy in preventing premature death, which can be caused by the tendency to bleed due to the deficiency of vitamin K. I have given details about the treatment with vitamin K in my new article, Anti-clotting Drugs cause AIDS: Vitamin K Therapy cures AIDS.
Other Articles in this Edition
   I am publishing the following articles also in the present edition. All the articles have been written by me at different times. Brief descriptions of the articles are given below.
Exercise Causes Constipation!
   Yes, exercise actually causes constipation. Exercise does not cure constipation as is very wrongly believed by many people. The lack of exercise tends to cause diarrhea.
   Like excessive exercise, the excessive indulgence in sex also causes constipation particularly in men.
Jaisingha's Laws of Nutrition
(Copyright © 1981)
   The Law of Synergism, the Law of Antagonism, etc, as they operate in the sphere of nutrition, are explained in this long article. I knew the basic causes of the two main types of AIDS more than 22 years back due to my discoveries about the Laws of Nutrition & Health.
The Paradox of AIDS
Two main types - LIDDIS and LIDCOS
   Is health the opposite of disease? The opposite of disease is not health! The exact opposite of any disease is another disease which produces the opposite type of symptoms. The opposite of diarrhea is constipation. The opposite of anemia is polycythemia. The opposite of high blood pressure is low blood pressure. Therefore, the opposite of AIDS is not health. The exact opposite of AIDS is another type of AIDS, which produces the opposite type of symptoms in the patients suffering from it. This is one of my most important findings.
   LIDDIS and LIDCOS produce symptoms that are of opposite types, and so they require different treatments which are also of opposite types. To give the same type of treatment to patients suffering from different types of AIDS is dangerous. Giving the same type of medical treatment to all AIDS patients can definitely cause premature deaths in many of them.
 Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
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