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India: Land of Hypocrisy, Deceit, Poison, Disease & Death!
Only Cow's Urine & Dung are Pure in India!!
By  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani

    Who can really feel proud of India? Let us look at the sheer hypocrisy, deceit, poison, disease and death that we get from our leaders. We should not be surprised to know that even the costly bottled mineral water is found to be massively contaminated with the deadly pesticides like DDT, Malathion, Lindane and Chlorpyrifos. Are some  multinational companies (MNCs) involved in this act of genocide against the Indian people? Why have the hypocritical Indian leaders kept quiet deliberately on this issue for so many years? Have they got massive bribes to keep silent on such acts of genocide committed against the people of India?

    It is absolutely clear that the ISI certification mark on the bottles containing mineral water has been much more lethal in killing Indians who drank such water regularly than even the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist militants trained by the Pakistani intelligence agency using the same initials of ISI. Many times more Indians must have already died silently over a period of many years due to the drinking of poisonous bottled water than the total number of persons killed in India by the terrorists trained by the Pakistani ISI.

    Instead of taking stringent measures for improving the quality of water, the Government of India is merely thinking of withdrawing the ISI certification mark on the bottled water. Are we going to be forced to buy imported water at Rs 35 to Rs 40 per bottle of one liter? The business of bottled water is sought to be handed over completely to MNCs in the name of liberalization and globalization. Our politicians drink only imported water with the huge amounts of black money they earn. The highly corrupt Indian leaders can themselves very easily afford to drink imported bottled water and eat imported food to keep healthy with the help of massive public funds they are stealing all the time.

    The only two things available pure in India are cow's urine and dung. So the only pure thing the Congress Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can offer to all the people of India to drink is cow's urine. Next they will ask the people to eat cow-dung. Should the top leaders of the Congress and BJP not set examples by drinking cow's urine and eating cow-dung? The competition in promoting Hindutva demands that they set such  good examples, especially when the assembly elections are due to take place in many states in this month (February) and later. So, the Indian politicians can certainly also ask all their followers to drink and eat the only two pure things available in India. Promoting Hindutva in this way can make their candidates win the elections particularly in the five states of Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Rajasthan, where Hindutva is very popular.
    The voters can kick the BJP everywhere. Let the BJP forget about its victory in the assembly elections in Gujarat, which was decided only by the communal polarization caused by the riots in that state. Now there can be real competition between the BJP and the Congress Party in using the ideology of Hindutva to promote cow's urine and cow-dung. The example of competitive Hindutva has been set well by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. When Digvijay Singh is drinking a lot of cow's urine daily to get all the strength he needs for defeating the BJP in the assembly elections in MP, will anybody be able to stop the BJP from advocating the eating of cow-dung to counter him? All the politicians now also have a golden chance to use bullock carts everywhere to promote the ancient culture of India.
    We are happy to know that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh drinks cow's urine every day. This is our request to the Chief Minister of MP: "Digvijayjee, please drink cow's urine and eat cow-dung in front of the people to expose the hollow claims made by the BJP about its belief in Hindutva. We want you to set this good example publicly so that the leaders of the Hindutva brigade also start drinking cow's urine and eating cow-dung every day. Such good acts will restore the confidence of the people in their leaders. At present, the common people believe that the politicians drink only imported whiskey and imported bottled water, and eat only foods like imported bread, imported pizza, imported chicken, imported cakes, imported ice-cream, etc."  
    Can the BJP also not ask the Indian people to drink the holy cow's pure urine, instead of the poisonous water, and to eat pure cow-dung instead of food, even when the bulging godowns of the Food Corporation of India are bursting at the seams with surplus foodgrains? So long as the BJP is in power at the center, the foodgrains can continue to rot, or be eaten only by rats and cockroaches, or be exported at half of the high prices that the poor half-starved Indians are forced to pay because of the artificial scarcity created by the anti-people BJP and the corrupt bureaucrats of the Food Corporation of India.
    Like poisonous water, the various foods available in India are also contaminated and adulterated and are not good for consumption. The reason why our athletes can never win medals in the Olympics is that the foods and drinks they get in India are poisonous. So how can we blame our athletes for performing badly in the Olympics? But if the BJP and the Congress can persuade the athletes to drink cow's pure urine and eat pure cow-dung, they should definitely be able to win many medals in the Olympics!
    Most of the essential drugs available in India are spurious and contain dangerous chemicals which have even caused the deaths of young dynamic leaders like the late Union Power Minister Rangarajan Kumaramangalam. Have the politicians and bureaucrats done anything to tackle the menace of spurious drugs? They have only taken huge bribes from the spurious drug manufacturers and remained silent.
    Almost all the rivers, lakes, canals, streams and wells are highly polluted in India. The Ganga, which is still called the holiest river by the Hindu leaders, is the dirtiest river in the whole world! Each and every drop of it reeks of disease and death for the millions of people who use its water. Now our politicians and bureaucrats want the dirtiest river in the world, Ganga, to be linked with all the other rivers of India. Mixing the dirty Ganga water with them will pollute all the river waters in India and massively spread more disease and death all over the country. The politicians and bureaucrats are just interested in having their huge commissions from the estimated Rs 5,60,000 crore that will be spent on this huge project of linking all our rivers. But the happiest persons will be those operating the pharmaceutical MNCs, and their Indian collaborators, who can earn billions of dollars every year by selling various drugs to treat the rapidly spreading diseases that will be caused by the polluted river waters all over India!
    Will the Ganga not be cleaned first before it is linked to the other rivers? Yes, of course, the promoters of Hindutva will certainly put massive amounts of the holy cow's pure urine and pure dung in the Ganga to purify it! 
    We all know how the shortage of electricity is being deliberately increased. Soon the power cuts will be ordered for 10 to 12 hours per day to make the Indian people become so desperate that they will be forced to pay Rs 7 to Rs 8 per unit. The great MNC, Enron, can thus be made to win its case in India. The Indian politicians and bureaucrats can then collect their big bribes from Enron, amounting to thousands of crores of rupees, and secretly deposit the amounts in foreign banks, which can be used by them, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Long live India, the land of hypocrisy, deceit, poison, disease & death!
Mera Bharat Mahaan!!

First time released to the news media
in February 2003
Copyright 2003 by  Ashok  T. Jaisinghani

 Editor & Publisher: 

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