Petrol Ingestion causes AIDS!
Petrol-contaminated Foods cause AIDS!

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

Hexane residue in the oils used for cooking food can cause AIDS in the persons consuming that food. Hexane is a petroleum product that is used as a solvent for extracting oil from oilseeds.
Low-level, prolonged poisoning with hexane and other petroleum products can cause chronic uncontrollable diarrhea, damage to the gastrointestinal tract, chronic pain in many parts of the abdomen, rapid loss in body weight, chronic fatigue, respiratory problems leading to asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis, and many other symptoms associated with AIDS.
Why do many truck drivers get AIDS? One of the most important causes of AIDS in truck drivers is the regular inhalation of vapor from unburnt diesel and petrol and of the smoke from the burnt petroleum products.
There is a similar danger of getting AIDS from the prolonged use of petroleum products like liquid paraffin as a laxative especially by those persons who also consume excess iodine in the form of iodized salt that is used in foods and drinks.
The regular prolonged exposure to vapors of unburnt petrol and diesel, and to the smoke of burnt petroleum products, can cause AIDS not just in truck drivers, but also in drivers of buses, taxis and autorickshaws, petrol pump attendants, mechanics in auto garages, traffic policemen, workers in the petroleum industry, etc.
The consumption of iodized salt is very toxic for those who consume petrol-contaminated foods and inhale the vapors and smoke of petrol, diesel and other petroleum products. The excessive intake of iodine is one of the main factors that can greatly contribute in causing AIDS in the affected persons.

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
21 December 2000.

Paraffin causes AIDS in Western Countries!
Paraffin-coated Fruits & Vegetables cause AIDS!
By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.
Paraffin is known for causing cancer. It can even cause AIDS under certain conditions if it is consumed regularly. Ingested knowingly or unknowingly, paraffin is one of the major causes of AIDS in USA and other western countries. Paraffin is a petroleum product. Chemically, it is also known as petrolatum.
Paraffin or petrolatum is very widely used in western countries as a protective coating for fruits and vegetables, as an anti-foaming agent in beet-sugar refining, as a release agent in bakery products, in chewing gum base, for sealing the packs of food products and beverages, in cosmetics and, in liquid form, as a laxative.
As in the case of other petroleum products, there is a danger of getting AIDS from the prolonged use of paraffin especially to those persons who also consume excess iodine in the form of iodized salt, which is used in foods and drinks. Paraffin forms a deadly dietary combination with iodized salt.
It is a blatant falsehood for the Americans to state that the incidence of AIDS has gone down in USA. American doctors and medical scientists are simply manipulating the statistics about the AIDS cases in their country to deceive their fellow Americans and the rest of the world.
Most of the AIDS organizations in USA are inaccessible and secret. The actual number of AIDS cases of USA is a closely guarded secret just like its military secrets!
The top American doctors and scientists, and also the US administration, are scared of admitting their massive failure in controlling the rapid spread of AIDS in USA due to their inability even to identify the causes of the deadly syndrome. How can they sell their so-called HIV detection kits and the highly toxic and dangerous drugs like AZT if they admit their failure? The much-touted drugs like AZT have failed miserably in controlling AIDS in USA itself. So they have to try their best in hiding the facts about the rapidly increasing incidence of AIDS in USA just to continue selling AZT and other highly toxic drugs to AIDS patients of other countries all over the world.
The American and European scientists and journalists should conduct extensive surveys in their countries for a thorough investigation about the effects of the regular consumption of paraffin, and the ingestion of other petroleum products, on the health of individual persons and their contribution to the incidence of AIDS.
Some people have asked me for the details about my research on AIDS. There are also many persons who feel provoked by my ideas and theories for various reasons. They are showing a negative attitude to unconventional but scientific research. Based on my research in Nutrition done over a period of about 30 years, I know of many other factors that can cause AIDS of different types in people of different countries. I do not wish to create a world-wide pandemic of panic by releasing all the data about my research on AIDS at one time. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for me to provide all the details about my research at this stage. Most of my research will continue to remain secret till there is a positive response from the right quarters. I must also try to safeguard my rights to claims of original research in Nutrition.

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
29 December, 2000.