Iodized salt causes AIDS:
Hang its fascist promoters!

By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani, Nutritionist.

It is extremely heartening to know that the Government of India has lifted the ban on the sale of non-iodized salt that is used by us in our food. The Government has very rightly bowed before the enlightened citizens and organizations who have fought a relentless campaign against the forcible feeding of iodized salt to the unwary millions in India, many of whom are still ignorant about the great dangers to their health that can result from its unnecessary regular use in their daily diets.

The enlightened citizens and organizations must continue their campaign against those medical associations and other dietary dictators who still insist on recommending the forcible feeding of all people with iodized salt in India. We must always be prepared for launching a massive revolt by millions of people against the illegal and unconstitutional acts of those most dangerous fascists who have not yet conceded defeat.

Ever since iodized salt has been introduced for consumption in food in India, the cases of AIDS have increased by leaps and bounds in our country. Excessive intake of IODINE is one of the main causes of AIDS in human beings. Iodized salt has caused AIDS in millions of susceptible people in India, and elsewhere, leading to their early deaths. Other factors responsible for causing AIDS are the regular consumption of foods and drinks that are adulterated with harmful chemicals and contaminated with residues of pesticides, and the regular use of narcotics, harmful allopathic drugs and tobacco in all forms.

The fascists who insist on the forcible feeding of iodized salt to all the people in India are criminals and mass murderers. In future, these dietary dictators might consider using compulsion in making vegetarians to eat meat. Can anyone force vegetarians to eat even small quantities of meat because it might be good for their health? One day, Hindus might be forced to eat beef and Muslims to eat pork! Can either of those things be done even if it might be good for health? Can the dietary dictators force others to eat beef, pork or any other meat? Can that be considered legal or constitutional? So how can they even think of forcibly feeding all of us with iodized salt when most of us do not need it? The majority of us can get enough iodine from our food which includes ordinary salt made from sea water. In fact, most of us might be getting more than the needed quantity of iodine from ordinary salt as we use more salt in food than the people in other countries.

The human race has survived for millions of years without using iodized salt. Those dietary dictators who advocate the compulsory iodization of all the dietary salt should be hanged in public squares. Such fascists do not deserve to be forgiven as they are some of the persons who are the most responsible for the rapid spread of AIDS in India. Why should all people consume iodized salt when it is required only by those having an iodine deficiency and who form a small percentage of the people of the country? Only in the areas where goiter is widespread, the use of iodized salt should be made a regular habit. The lives of millions of normal people should not be endangered for the sake of a few who suffer from iodine deficiency.

Regular use of iodized salt is not suitable for most of the people living in countries or regions with a hot tropical climate as is the case in most parts of India. Excessive consumption of iodine can cause or aggravate hyperthyroidism, diarrheal diseases, excessive sweating, dehydration, rapid loss in weight, respiratory distress like asthma, gout, diabetes, kidney stones, skin cancer, severe pain in various parts of the body and increased susceptibility to AIDS.

Western pseudo-scientists and their Indian lackeys, the boot-lickers, have deliberately prevented genuine research on the subject of AIDS for the most selfish reasons. They are not actually interested in preventing the spread of AIDS, but in selling very expensive HIV detection kits and very costly drugs used for treating AIDS worth billions of dollars every year. They have a vested interest in the massive increase in the incidence of AIDS! as that boosts their profits in a massive way!

No mercy should be shown to the new western imperialism's fascist mercenaries. Just for earning a few extra dollars, they are working as the collaborators and treacherous promoters in India for their masters, the western Multi-National Companies (MNCs), which are hell-bent even on committing genocide of the dark-skinned people of India, as they are also doing in other Asian and African countries, through their clandestine biological and chemical warfare. Harmful devitalized and poisonous foods and drinks, toxic drugs and other products are being sold by these fascist gangs working for western MNCs, which might result in wiping out all the colored peoples from the surface of this globe.

Given below is the transcript of my letter published in THE INDIAN EXPRESS, Bombay, of 24 July 1986, a full 14 years back, in which I had mentioned the excessive intake of iodine as one of the main causes of AIDS. I had also written a letter dated 29th March, 1990, entitled "Warning Against Dangers of Iodized Salt", to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, protesting against the illegal and unconstitutional compulsion in the use of iodized salt. Copies of that letter were also sent to the then President of India, R. Venkataraman, Union and State Health Ministers, Opposition Leaders, Editors of newspapers, World Health Organization and others. A copy of that letter can also be sent to you by e-mail on a request by you.

I have been one of the first persons, or perhaps even the first person, in India to actively fight against the compulsion in making all the people of our country to use iodized salt in their daily diets.

First time released to the news media and AIDS organizations on
4 July 2000.

Transcript of the Letter to the Editor published in
THE INDIAN EXPRESS, Bombay, on July 24, 1986:



Two of the main reasons for
greater prevalence of AIDS in USA
and some other Western countries are
their obsession with having a high
level of haemoglobin in the blood and
the daily intake of iodized salt in food.

The level of haemoglobin in the
blood of Western people is raised by
the regular consumption of tonics rich
in iron and / or by repeated blood
transfusions. These can cause polycy-
themia, which is known for producing
diarrhoea. The daily intake of iodized
salt causes hyperthyroidism in many,
which also produces diarrhoea.

Polycythemia and hyperthyroidism,
present in the same patient at one
time, form a deadly combination.
Together, they can cause uncontrolled
diarrhoea, dehydration and rapid
loss in body weight -- the symptoms
associated with AIDS. The patient
loses immunity to diarrhoeal diseases
and related problems.

No one can defy the laws of nature
and remain unaffected. So the treat-
ment should be in accordance with
those laws. The patient's haemoglobin
should be brought down to a
suitable level by the removal of some
blood. He must avoid iodine-rich
foods, including iodized salt, and
treatment should be given for
controlling hyperthyroidism.

As many persons carrying the
AIDS virus do not get the disease,
there is no need for panic. It is
definite proof that immunity to AIDS
exists in these people. In India, the
majority of people are not susceptible
to AIDS as they have a comparatively
low haemoglobin level and do not use
iodized salt.

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